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The vision behind Founder & Chief Designer, SALAFF
Carlos Salaff supercar designer


I was raised in a family of musicians, sculptors and designers. Surrounded by creativity, I always believed it was possible to make my dreams a reality. I have always been compelled to sketch, sculpt and daydream about beautiful cars and aircraft. The process of imagining otherworldly vehicles and making them real objects was intoxicating. From a young age this was my personal art form.

After internships at Mazda and BMW and graduating from the Art Center College of Design in 2003, I began my career at Mazda’s North American Design Studio. While at Mazda, I took part in designing several influential concept and production vehicles including the Nagare, Furai, Mazda 3 and MX-5. After a decade designing mass-produced vehicles, I began envisioning a more personal path, and in 2013 I founded SALAFF.

I don’t believe in the mundane. We are meant to interact with the extraordinary. I set out to build those childhood visions of otherworldly vehicles, of radically individualistic machines that engage the soul like a living sculpture.

The Caden Collection of supercars was conceived to create radically individualistic machines for dreamers. The theme of the collection is a blend of vintage values with modern design motifs. Debuting in 2018, the C2 is the first SALAFF model to go into commissioned production.


Carlos Salaff

Founder & Chief Designer, SALAFF




Photos © Emily Metzger/Downie Photography