A modern supercar design that channels vintage emotions
Carlos Salaff design C1 supercar


The SALAFF C1 began with my admiration of the soulful and beautiful racing cars of the 60s to 80s. I dreamt about a modern supercar that channeled these emotions and forms. “What would it look like?” I wondered.

The Formula One car design theme begins with the layout. With a center driving position in a 3-seat configuration, a mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive, the pilot is fully connected to the machine and road. Analog controls fashioned in machined metals are inspired by the purposeful and timeless cabins of vintage racing machines. Outside, the clean volumes of the central fuselage and central mouth echo F1 cigar shapes of the 1960s. The compact cabin and shrink-wrapped fenders hint at the low-profile forms of 80s group C cars.

The C1’s bodywork will be tailored to the individual with a hand-beaten aluminum and/or carbon fiber. Currently in development, I am exploring a range of options with engineering partners including one-off chassis to modified proven platforms. Possible engines are V8, V10s or electric drive.